Family Research Opportunities

Most family enterprises do not outlive the first generation. But a few survive for several generations, with a thriving business and a unified family. What causes them to beat the odds? We interviewed family leaders from 38 families that have successfully made it through at least two generational transitions, and our research continues. If your family would like to be included, anonymously, I would be happy to discuss our process with you directly.

Your family and others would be part of research that informs advisors and other multi-generational families, we call them Generative Families, how your family wealth has not dissipated but was used as a creative force to allow the family to grow, develop, innovate and share the benefits of their wealth across several generations.

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Research Publications

Releasing the Potential of the Rising Generations

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The secret to building great family enterprises is the ability to foster rising generations who are well prepared and eager to meet the enterprises yet-to-come challenges. Based on interviews with more than 70 enterprising families, Releasing the Potential of the Rising Generations shares unique experience based insights into successful transitions of family enterprises over at least three generations. These “100 Year Families,” over the centuries, have created and sustained enterprises that generate over US$200 MM in annual revenues.

Good Fortune: Building a Hundred Year Enterprise

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Through 18 case studies we illustrate how each of the 38 families organized its family and business or financial affairs, thus parting the curtain on very public and highly private families. While we have protected our respondents’ confidentiality, their stories shed light on their internal values, organization and activities, and how they overcame often-significant crises and conflicts.

Three Pathways to Evolutionary Survival

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Just as we benchmark financial and organizational performance, so family business owners want to benchmark best practices of governance and family interaction that help sustain their family enterprises over generations. This study defines and compares the best practices used by 192 of the largest and most successful global families to preserve their wealth and connection as a family across several generations.