Family Meeting Tools

The Value Edge

Defining Personal and Family Values

The Values Edge employs Values Cards to help an individual, couple, family or team to define their Personal Values Pyramid, and then work together to create a Family or Team Values Statement.

Each kit includes a deck of values cards, along with colored post-it stickers for transferring values to a Display Card that preserves your Values Pyramid in a visible format that can be worn as a name card. By sharing personal values arranged in colorful pyramids, people in a family or a work team can easily experience their similarities and differences.

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Family Enterprise Assessment Tool (FEAT)

Developed by Dr. Jaffe and Premier Growth, the Family Enterprise Assessment Tool is the first online navigational tool enabling multi-generational families in business together to discover the current state of their family enterprise, providing an opportunity for creating a framework for structured discussion to effectively make family and business decisions that are right for them.

Every family and business has strengths and areas for improvement. The Family Enterprise Assessment Tool enables your family to anonymously gather family/business stakeholders’ perceptions in an easy and safe environment to provide a snapshot in time. It then provides a detailed analysis of all the data so you can hold productive family and business conversations vital for shaping the future of the family and enterprise.

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Talking it Through and Handbook for Conducting Effective Family Meetings

A family cannot delegate the task of building trust or sharing information about their wealth to advisors—they eventually must meet and discuss these issues face to face. Family members must talk about the future together if they are to cross generations without disruption or unproductive conflict. Talking it Through provides the framework for conducting effective family meetings about business and wealth.

The monograph Talking it Through, offered some basic tools and resources for setting up a family meeting. The Handbook for Conducting Effective Family Meetings offers more detail and concrete suggestions for setting up and conducting family meetings about money, wealth, and family business. It also contains many specific suggestions for activities that make a successful family meeting. Primarily for advisors, but families will find it useful when they are planning and designing meetings.